About Us

MicroGeoCaches began in 2012 as I was closing down my General Contractor construction business. I had been geocaching for some time, and was having trouble finding small, nano type caches for the difficult hides I was known for. After tinkering with some ideas, and seeing just how few products were available, I developed my own containers. I had no idea how popular they would become, and my little adventure has evolved into a happy, thriving business. Every day is a good day, and I can truly say I love what I do!

We are located on the beautiful Central Coast of California, about midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. We enjoy wonderful weather, very little traffic and the perfect location for lots of geocaching as we do research and development for our various products. One of our favorite hides is in Avila Beach (GC2MMX9), a classic beach town where tourists can find a unique cache while enjoying the gorgeous views of the ocean. When we’re not out enjoying the weather, and scoping out new hide locations, we are busy at work shipping our wide assortment of products to you, our valued customers from around the world.

We want to thank you for visiting our website, and learning more about MicroGeoCaches. We appreciate your interest, and your business. Have fun geocaching and stay safe while dodging the mugglers. Remember, it’s all about the hide: If there is no hide, there can be no seek!

-Larry & Peggy Greer

Owners MicroGeoCaches